About Us

Parenting Time, Inc.

is a California nonprofit corporation. 


We were founded with a purpose to provide services aimed at strengthening family well-being and serve a need for greater access to quality and affordable supervised visitation within El Dorado County.  We are located near Shingle Springs, California, approximately 12 minutes from the Main Street Courthouse in Placerville.

As a Professional Provider of supervised visitation and safe exchange services, we are dedicated to providing outstanding services to families during periods of transition.


Our vision is to provide a space so inviting that children will look forward to coming, and where all parties feel safe and treated with dignity. 

Father Playing with Son
Mother and a Child

In December 2018, Parenting Time, Inc. was selected as a recipient of funding under the Judicial Council’s Access to Visitation Grant Program through the Superior Court of El Dorado County. 


This funding allows Parenting Time, Inc. to offer subsidized visits at no-cost to qualifying low-income families.  It is with great regret to inform you the no-cost Access to Visitation Grant Program will not be continuing beyond March 2021.  

Please consider donating to our cause. 


It is our hope that with enough donations, we can continue providing supervised visitation at low-no cost beyond March 2021.  Your donations will also be used to purchase new toys and activities for our visitation rooms, and could potentially be used to subsidize our Safe Exchange Program and launch new Parenting and Co-Parenting Education Programs in the future.  

Kid Playing with Wooden Toys