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In-Person Supervised Visitation

Parenting Time, Inc.'s supervised visitation services give the noncustodial party an opportunity to maintain contact with their children in a structured environment that is safe and comfortable for the child, and provides security and peace of mind for both parties.

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All Parenting Time, Inc.'s services are no-contact between adults of the same party.  We handle all scheduling, from requests to confirmations, and stagger arrival times to make sure parties can arrive and leave the facility without fear of confrontation or accusations.  We also guarantee that one entirely objective and fact-based report will be produced for each visit.  These visit reports will be made available, when requested, within the week.

Father with his Son


Safe Exchange Services!

Parenting Time, Inc. is excited to now offer no-contact custody exchanges!  For children who have been dealing with high conflict exchanges, our Safe Exchange Program may be a huge relief.


Safe exchange services focus on the child's experience and allow a custody exchange that is free from confrontation and adult issues.  Children spend their exchanges in a room full of toys with a parent who feels safe, so they can focus on being excited to see their children.


Virtual Visitation Services!

For families who are not able to utilize our in-person visitation services, whether it be due to issues with transportation, distance from our agency, health concerns, or cost, we now offer virtual visitation via Zoom at a discounted rate.  

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